“ATS Global Express” – the solution for all your growing and diverse business needs.
Our highly trained, experienced staff team offers you a streamlined operation with high quality of service, excellent customer satisfaction and a range of new products to meet all your needs.
Our key to success is delivering customised courier solutions that are both scalable to current requirements and adaptable to future needs. “ATS Global Express” provides door-to-door courier for both Domestic and International. We pick up from a customers office, factory, warehouse etc., and deliver to the company or person the customer is sending each consignment to – anywhere in the OMAN – and throughout the world. Proof of Delivery can be provided.
We have a sophisticated Tracking system that can track an item from the time it is picked up until it is delivered. The solution for all your express courier requirements.
Drawing on our core areas of expertise, strategic alliances and Gulf experience, we work with you to create new courier platforms, utilise new technologies and implement new processes. With ATS Worldwide Express you always get exactly what you need, and only what you need.
Our goal is to ensure efficient and cost-effective response to our customers’ demands, now and in future. All of ATS global Express total solutions and expertise can be provided individually or in combination.

ATS Global Express (Domestic)

ATS Global Express provides a speedy/reliable/efficient/cost-effective, guaranteed Express Delivery Service both Inter-City and Inter-Sultanate.

Same Day , Next Day , On Demand

ATS Global Express picks-up and delivers your business/personal documents and parcels on time – every time. ATS Worldwide Express utilizes its own nation-wide network, providing dedicated line-haul/logistic management, enabling your express delivery needs to be met efficiently and on time.

ATS Global Express (International)

Provides two options for the Express Delivery of your document and parcels in the international sector.

ATS Worldwide Express International Product

Together with one of the world’s largest integrators, offers you speedy / reliable/cost-effective door-to-door courier service to over 200 destinations in the international sector. Our sophisticated tracking system allows you to monitor any item from pick-up to delivery.

Companies and similar establishments can receive monthly financial account (subject to certain requirements) to enable them to verify client shipments on a regular basis.

Guaranteed Delivery Times , 24 Hour Tracking and Tracing